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The cork is made up of cell of thin wall of cork , is full of air in the cell. Each cork have 15 million cover the resin and bubble outside the shape to 30 million 14 side, so cork organize half air. Cell wall backbone cork quality one phenol sour with hydroxyl sour polyester, the chemical property is very steady

Light to have body with the ornament materials that it produces, the quality is soft, rich flexibly, nonpoisonous and tasteless, not too rotten to eat , slip resistance wear-resisting is it keep warm , suck sound shock attenuation , fire-retardant acid proof to able to bear oil , insulating , antistatic , sense kind wear out , not harmless to human bodying body fire to insulate against heating, it is all a kind of all natural green ornament materials .

This product has already become and decorated the top-grade ornament materials that the practical advantage has the development prospect at most , ideally and most in the products. Can be used in the top-grade hotel extensively, a lot of aspects of fitting up in the place of entertainment , large-scale hotel , library , archives , gymnasium , kindergarten , hospital , computer laboratory , broadcasting studio and family etc.